My Song Songtext


von Eye Candy

My Song Songtext

It's friday, i'm feeling like i want to party, so call up my friends and come on everybody, Gonna make it alright, However you want it i'm sure that we got it, So don't afraid come along and jump on it, Sometimes when you feel low, You just gotta let it go


So get get ready watch how we roll, So don't bother ajust the tempo, Leave your stresses out the window, You just gotta let it go

Forget about your worries all your troubles seem to be gone, When you let me sing my song, Cause the mood id right gonna get you high, The rhythm's running through me following deep down in my soul, When the music takes control, So dance all night to the morning light


Don't bother ajust the tempo


On days when your feeling, That life has no meaning and nothing you do seems to be as appealing, Gotta enjoy yourself, ain't about no-one else, So this song is dedicated to you, For you and your crew seeing you through, Can't you feel the bassline, Help me sing it


So kick back and let yourself ride, Don't touch the dial it's alright, We're making records to keep this alive, Another one from the misteeq archives

Chorus x2

If you want to know where to go when you're feeling low, Then this is how the story goes

Bridge2 x2
Chorus x4