That's Just Not Me Songtext


von Eye Candy

That's Just Not Me Songtext
(feat. Baby Cham)

Woah Woh can you hear me now yeah its babysham you all in for a treat do you know how many mans would love to have one of these ladies by the end of this week.

Think i get done like that i don't think that you can get me your bed you won't unless you got knock down for the count fool coz thats just not me hot so felling me i tell by the way that you grilling me i can tell that really want me number don't think i don,t see you at the bar boy sterring at my bumper i know that want me big bike big car don't impress me keep looking coz i aint coming over who cares about the ice that you rock on your new range rover.

Oh do want you wanna do you can have any man that you wanted to if you hot and you know mans felling you know