A Dirge For The Underground Songtext

Attica! Attica!

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A Dirge For The Underground Songtext
every evening we meet downtown slip underground into the basements
there's an agent who's tracking us he knows what's up he's felt vibrations
shake this quiet town but now his ear is to the ground
our secret's out
pack up the gear
load up the van and hurry back to the safe house
send a wire through the network that they've infiltrated the resistance
so we gotta burn our records now

c'mon and burn them up
and melt them down into a statue for the town
a monument to the underground
we'll destroy all documents that could prove that we exist
they'll be sifting through ashes desperate for the evidence

no they won't stop 'til they find something to sell
all they're gonna find are bombshells

c'mon and blow it up
the whole compound
with distortion that resounds
a memorial for the underground
and so we'll burn it down

on the periscope we watch familiar informants selling us out
they trade for bad haircuts, some tight black pants and a sparkling new sound
now the radio transmits a hollow carcass of the resistance
'cause they've gutted out the urgency and replaced it with impotence

our sweat is more than bleeding stage make-up
our words aren't trite they're bloody dangerous
our songs are the lifeblood of the resistance

c'mon and tear it up
and burn it down with explosions of our sound
and dig a grave for the underground
but the songs stuck in our heads won't be burned and left for dead
they're the songs we'll never sell
we keep them locked within ourselves
c'mon and tear it up

no they won't stop 'til they find something to sell
there's nothing to find 'cause we blew it all to hell