Sever The Ties Songtext


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Sever The Ties Songtext
I've been thinkin what got me in this mess
cause ive been tryin to speak but not confess
that i need to let her go now
but i dont know how
to say my goodbyes
without losing my own life
break your silence, break your silence
break your silence or she'll break you open and feed
she's every mans worst nightmare real
and im not down
ive been thinkin this game is not for me
cause ive been tryin to play but not succeed
im losing every part of me im almost gone
now breathe me in and breathe me out
we need to let eachother know
we do not speak in thought now
i own my own life
dont make the same mistakes i did
dont let everybody in
cause she'll be just fine
and she'll show you why
let her go tonight, sever the ties
let her go untie, she'll be just fine
let her go now, sever the ties
get out right now
she'll be just fine, but she'll show you why
breathe me in and im gone