I Don't Subscribe To Mumbo Jumbo Songtext


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I Don't Subscribe To Mumbo Jumbo Songtext
Have you ever given thought to
where you get you information from
or where they get their own
i will choose my own views and what i follow
born askew i never knew the right way to go
we need to wake up
and live life like we were supposed to
can we save ourselves from us
or do we even care
cause i sense something wrong
that ive noticed all along
if you and me were free
then why i do still dream of so much more
i surprised by how large are our eyes
turn to doubt all that know
and tell me what does that show
were they choices you had made
im afraid that i am victim too
that i am right beside of you
that i am mis-led
i am not comfortable knowing that theres more
and we are not aware of its presence
but i will feed in the same
wont i?
will we ever be free?