A Perpetual Resonance Songtext


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A Perpetual Resonance Songtext
Dirt becoming earth
is all i need its all i want
cause ive worked since birth at discrediting my worth
oh no, this is not my beautiful home now
cause its all fault of my own
that im now a ghost a soul no host
and im asking you what do you see
cause im standing here in front of you
and youre staring right through me
so im askin you im askin you
is this ghost in front of you
forced to wonder on onto chase forevers tail
cause i tried to put this all behind me
i tried to make the best of it
but i died a self righteous man who cared only for himself and now i
lurk this home not my own
being dead and gone yeah it sets an eerie tone
so please say im almost gone
ive longed for that cold coffin
down six feet and rotten
is all that im aiming for
if i'd lived more right than wrong
id be free of this curse
my ghost gone from the earth
and my soul free to carry on
oh horus whats happened to my soul
i dont wanna be here anymore
ive lived a selfish careless life
and for that i pay a hefty price
i prayed to thin air
hoping something was there
far gone too late
i'd secured my fate
now this is not my home, no this is not my end