I Am The Wind Songtext


von The Revenge Ride

I Am The Wind Songtext
I am the wind, lost in time
deep forest ghost, your silent...silent laugh
I am the wind all over the world
watching the stars hidden in crawling fog

I am the wind, a freezing storm
I am desert grip, perfidious northern stroke
As cold as death, as hot as hell
Dark breath of night, still the lonely wanderer
So fly with me,
spread your arms and try to forget gravity
there's one more step from mind's edge to eternity
we're getting higher, feeling a bit free...

I am the wind that falcons use to fly
upon the frozen lakes we unite
I am the wind, you'll never catch up with me behind the polar line - I'm reborn

So fly with me
become a piece of immortal history
be shadow, be raincoat over storming seas
no better freedom could be my own destiny