Regicide Songtext
Coronation of impious God
Supremacy, open up the stairs
A few serpents planning regicide
but the lion never succumb to the rats

Resentment against playing this chess
Easy downlook from extensive top
Imperial punishment is merciless
short-time effect of exciting dope

When the dogs keep barking at the moon
it's orbit will never changes
to whip the dogs is not worthy of the ruler
disloyalty remains in the mind

Don't forget to make your disguise up
who wants to show up as dishonoured
but you are known as are your plans for regicide
epicene life in a outmoded hole

This time the sun turns its back on you
this time and everytime
charnel-house is casting vote for massacre
die-the one who's walking on thin ice

Next day starts with sunrise and blood
a few another serpents have died,
planning regicide!!!