Evil Awaken Songtext


von The Revenge Ride

Evil Awaken Songtext
Opening the catacombs, where gloomy evil sleeps,
face to face to truth, out of wasted pride,
Time of melting hate has written signs on my skin
Holograms of truth, dimensions of a better life
Goodness left to rot, infectious comedy,
The highest one is not gone, so throw the stone on me
I have chosen a side where I always wanna stay
thousand deaths ago, thousand miles away

Evil awaken

Arrival of violence, the finest dialogue
base needs no name, words in constant form
Flying into a rage concerto, bring out my ghost
Fury is unleashed, following act is known
Everlasting condemnation to be terrorized
Necessary separation, mutilating fight
If you're gonna wake my evil executor up
You'll pay an eye for an eye

Evil awaken

Torn Apart

With pleasure I am befouling your pretend leadership
Your legs are made of sand, head is full of shit
You-the one who deserves to smell a ravenous fist
Revelling in flesh
Unexpected brutality is a better part of me
Behind inner horizon is waiting for justice
A knock-out in the right time makes things easily clear
You woke up my good devil!!!