Conspiracy Theory Songtext

Lost Secret

von Queens Hall Of Science

Conspiracy Theory Songtext
(feat. D The Dragon)

[Intro: sample]
From the shadows, they have engineered every major war revolution and recession
They control everything you read, everything you hear, and everything you see
They have managed to indoctrinate an entire populous to their way of thinking
And have infiltrated key positions in places of authority
And it is from the shadows that they have created a new politic order
A new economic order and more sinister, a new religious order
Their ultimate aim is total global domination
And they will stop at nothing to reach their goal

[G-Clef Da Mad Komposa:]
I bring the new world order, slaughter
Webcasted it on your camcorder, display ideas never thought of
Joe Aton the man the mystic the ma-son
Golden fleece your physical science like Ja-son
Scoiety cro-magnon elohim variety
The warrior monk Josemaria just tried to be
My astral intelligence be beyond your explanation
When aliens meet, we be the united nations
Yo if you didn't hear the news we got a lodge on the moon
With a really big crater set for Albert Pikes tomb
Yo Meta, let's start up another propaganda duet
And finish the job then make the Vatican a thruway
Yeah we doin' driveby's at the Knights of Columbus
Cause we got this funny thing bout holy orders that run numbers
As Cagliostro I was innocent check the facts
As G-Clef, the first to rep illuminati on wax

[Chorus: G-Clef Da Mad Komposa]
I be your paranoid mind, lights out, now you blind
A drug induced schism, for your jerkoffs to gism
New age pyramid prism, mental prison
Ya'll niggas stay leery, I'm a conspiracy theory

[D the Dragon:]
Mr. Square and Compass, same bloodline as Mozart
D the Dragon, spit hot flames from the heart
You don't really wanna start it
Wack-ass profane cats get backsmacked retarded
Talk about I'm worshipping Satan? Keep my frat out ya mouth
Before you catch the sword of Jason, cause I'm a real fuckin' Mason
Spreadin' love in the community, little kids is who I'm raisin'
I'm the G that's on the wall, cause you really don't wanna brawl
Nuff respect to my brothers, in the lodge of Mr. Hall
And death to all you preachers cause your tales are really tall
I'll do you on the thirteenth in the name of Demolay, it's your judgement day
Ya best to kneel to your fake God, and hope that he saves you when ya
Punk ass try to pray


[Archangel Metatron:]
Conspiracy theoryists used to get me furious
Now I love them, I'll thug them, 'come get hugged by a freemason'
A goat rider, a Satan worshipper
Me and Clef sneak templar swords through Kennedy Airport
On our way to Vatican City usin' our Scottish Rite passports
Call me Baphomet-a tron, P2 lodge member, Venus birthin' babies in December
You cannot fuck with this, I can't wait til we create a one world government
President Bush was a good puppet, and so was Bill
You can't hide, we on the back of your dollar bill
Still, I'm the judge, the lawyer, the prosecutor and the fuckin' criminal
I'm all around you, the rings ain't subliminal
Masons don't play, from Nation of Islam to the KKK