Requiem For The Fallen Songtext

Lost Secret

von Queens Hall Of Science

Requiem For The Fallen Songtext
(feat. Malik)

[Chorus: Audioslave "Like a Stone" sample]
To a place, I recall
I was there so, long ago

[Intro: Mowie Kei]
What we have done for ourselves alone will die with us
What we have done for others and for the world remains and is immortal

[G-Clef Da Mad Komposa:]
Dear Weldon, you told me ya reason for rhyming was only to reach the children
But now that you gone I pick my mic back up and carry on
Your mission even though you didn't rhyme with precision
It's my decision to perpetuate your vision
And now I'll never rhyme the same
I'll always have a message and no matter the temptation
I won't misuse my blessing manifesting
The truth in a positive light and spread knowledge
Spark domes and infuse the wisdom within my poems
Nobody knows why you went out like you did
But that's in the past and now we just gotta try to live
Without you, but you affected so many heads
We relied upon you never once imagining you'd be dead
I heard you left a note saying learn from my fall
But how can I learn from what I don't know and can't call
I'd rather remember you as a war-torn soldier in your prime
Who took his own bullet and just went out before his time

[Chorus x2]

[Hook: Mos Def from Black Star "What's Beef? " sample]
Weldon Irv' not bein here with me
When a soldier ends his life with his own gun
Beef is tryin' to figure out what to tell his son
[DJ Premier sample "Eulogy":] "Weldon Irvine, rest in peace"

[Malik Kahaar Ali]
Yo Weldon, if you was here you'd probably say
So many dreams, so many seamless fights
So many fiend for pipes, with schemes
Dope fiend leans in exchange for life
The vice of beef with the rights to heat, what lives we lead
The wounds of Christ bleed and incite blood rights to greed
They feed off pain, parasites of gain, with they sights on fame
Got ice in they veins, and not enough light in they frames
No shackles and chains, just bullets and brains
And lost souls with the caskets closed from the birth pangs
Where the thugs hang, deep in the drug game
And the street wars where the street whores look like mustangs
And they bust thangs, the dust claims it's own
Momma singin' that sad song on how he "lived so fast and died so young"
What's left to overcome? Who's left to tell my son
Of a requiem of a father who really loved them?
So I'm a pour libation, relate the holy wisdom of Weldon Irvine
Divine Mind of Holy Vision now

[Chorus x2]


[Archangel Metatron:]
This to those whose spirits transcended, physical no longer holding your essence
From the footprints y'all left we've learned the most valuable lessons
We salvage the blessing of your undying force
I carry this torch for every stray bullet, life support plug pulled quick
Suicidal thought, that was acted upon with a full clip
Living this life and we living it trife
But beyond it all we gotta try to be living it right
Cause uh, the lessons of those who passed away
Give us, reason to be more than just ash and clay
Until my last of days, I'm a represent a little bolder
Gotta admit your death made this heart a little closer
So rest in peace, to both my grandfathers
The rest of this verses authors, you looking down upon us
And I'll see y'all, when my spirit levitates
Cause whom virtue has united, death shall never separate

[Chorus: to fade]