The Biff Song Songtext
(feat. Christbearer)

[Multiple talking & shouting]

[G-Clef Da Mad Komposa:]
My CD did a driveby on yours in three different whips
And Platexd kill wife beater, put steel to your lips
Semantical scientists to your romantical graphicless
Testicle-free Stan slash fanaticist
So affected in five different areas
A fradulant specimen, a demon spawn carrier
It's so upsetting when the evil front righteous
It aggravates on a molecular level 'til I might just
Kompose the perfect murder like a symphony
Using mystic symbols and cypher code to exonerate my infamy
This is how Melchizidek deals with liars
I suspend them in stasis then burn them with astral fire!
My working tools are way too precise when they slice
Ya English second language into shish kabobs and rice
Go ask Allah why you chose to fuck with da Clef
I hold in my hand an instrument of death

[Chorus: Archangel Metatron (all)]
When you bite the concept and don't pay (You get biffed)
When you perpetrate a fraud and you front (You get biffed)
When your internet crew never met (You get biffed)
When you lie (You get biffed) When you're wack (You get biffed)
When you steady fakin' moves on my crew (You get biffed)
When you act like you ballin', but you broke (You get biffed)
When you record gunclaps in your raps (You get biffed)
When you snake (You get biffed) When you're fake (You get biffed)

Yo, Christbearer gave life to you punks
With military mausbergs and more mouth than monks
When the storm wasn't bigger than your hand
You never gave a damn, when shit changed you ran
I fought with Lucifer and held tooth-nail
When the hounds kept hunting me just on how the boots smell
Christbear bionic laconic conversation
Killa king fact in rap captivation
I take 'em all to the limit (no gimmicks)
The white phantom pulling up tough with ya mall in it
Christbearer contra-catastrophic catalyst
Wu-Fi-Wu, ha, do or die analysis
The only thing is I come and came clean
For my guts and my numbnuts hang when they swing
Now that's real like Preacher pack steel
Practice what you preach, those who can't preach kill!
I ruled the world before my momma was a girl
And some rich white boy bottled jeri curl
And you don't stop, yeah

[Interlude: Sample]
The ultimate...

[Archangel Metatron:]
This is Metatron version 1.0, original flow
One hundred percent guaranteed fresh, causing fraud emcee's stress
Don't be decieved by names that's similar
Products on the market that's inferior
The alpha bout to make omega, out this faker
Call me the ghost of your future, bout to take ya
To the scene of your death
Tongue seperated from your severed neck
You get biffed tryin' to challenge my rep
Real angels don't speak feces, beware-
Mystic-Jewish-White-Godbodies, that preach Jesus!
Confused quasi-spiritual Wu-Tang fan shit,
Your verses be more corny than Watchtower pamphlets
I got more styles than you got religions
I spit vicious incisions that slice your inner visions
So think back to the day you were terribly wrong
And ask yourself 'how the fuck I make it on the biff song'?


[Outro: Storm Da Ghetto Mutant]
Yeah, but there ain't gonna be no ressurection for your fuckin' ass
You know what I'm sayin? You ain't gonna get the right hand extended to you
You dirty muthafuckas, yeah these are the last days and times
You know what I'm sayin? And unlike the man, ***** **** you really
Gon' get biffed
You know what I'm sayin? To the bottomless fuckin pit
Hell, baby, burn for eternity...