Zeitgeist Songtext


von Connla's Well

Zeitgeist Songtext
I got my suit on
I'm on my best behaviour
I’ve got that blue tone
The fear is so contagious
I see the carefree
The call of distant ages
So who's your enemy?
Hiding, searching for their faces

I work so hard like every day and every night I pray
Making change I find the only way to play this game
We are stronger as a team, I say it time again
How we ever admit defeat when we just rise again?
I'm feeling hateful too much heat is burning through my veins
Admit defeat, I’m on my feet I think I'll start again
I see deceit in every wall of every place I've been
The money speaks so loud
It's drowning out the voice of men

You wanna get, you wanna go
You wanna take it further
But see the rep inside is low
My brother you are nervous
Can't go and find the strength
To make yourself the man you heard of
I don't believe for a second never close those curtains

Liar, lord take me higher
Two faces that you wear it fits the attire
Stop holding back the tears they make you a fighter
Communicate your fears the feeling gets lighter
This is the talk that makes me wanna get so high
Push myself beyond the reaches of what I set out to find
Many different teachings all I've seen is that they seem to hide
Sometimes within the speakings, another persons mind