One Hand Behind The Devil Songtext


von Connla's Well

One Hand Behind The Devil Songtext
Deep as the ocean
Shameless, outspoken
Aimless, unfocused and lost in life's motions
Moment got stolen
Faith had been broken
Hopeful hope ain’t worth shit, antisocial
Mouthful, still boastful
Hungry for more talk
Heat on your shoulders, fuck peace when you walk tall
No taming this beast
Flash teeth through a gnarled jaw
Taking this feast whilst you reach for the first draw

A hunger bellowed in the absence of valour
The red thick as blood as they hunt for more power
Contortions so wicked, the mighty devour
Opaque with emotions like moments gonе sour
I dive in head first, madness or couragе
Thoughts seeming tarnished as stress starts to flourish
Courageous in spirit while humble in flesh
Tyranny, extortion, extremists confess
Careful they tread now there's only a whisper
These narrow minded echoes of a scapegoat, ears blister
Drip-fed, red eyes that cry shy like our sisters
Shine like divine but been broke by the systems
Higher we climb when we trust intuition
One hand behind the devil, the other touching grace
Thought begin to meddle push morals out of place
The opium of faith, it lies between the love and hate