You're No Longer There Songtext


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You're No Longer There Songtext
Many people thinks, I'm hero of God
No-one can see, I need a shield to guard
I always tried save people from fuckin' darks,
but no-one cared my heart in this life lark
I thought my life would be really stark,
But I loved people, and it was a mark
I'd know, I can be regret and wanna die,
Then I prayed to God, but I lost my belief
At the first times, I thinked, I'm relief
But, after I got it, I joined to fuckin' hell
My life become shit and my room was my cell,
No-one could take me out from there and
Now I'm so regret man, fame made me smart
Since I started, I started to like Darks,
After a deal I forgot about God
Everything, without money, made me shark.

[Chorus x2]
When the time comes
You're no longer there
Fall down to my knees
Begins my nightmare

How can I forget that, I was a vain bum
How can I remember you again this time?
Don't shot me, please, put that gun down
You can find me under this train with rhyme
There's only one mean on my damn lyrics
Since 2pac's death, industry so critic
Hate to remember but, I lived in mental clinic
They left me too, Cuz my status was chronic.
Rain, now tell us truth, tell me about Proof,
Tell us, they are in life, and they are still alive
I know the truth, we can change these rules,
You still have time to explain the things are true!
My life has been poorer and always gonna become poorer
No need to lour at me cuz Even every gun against me
And everybody freak shoutin' and making freaky noices
Everybody quickly shut up, I can hear my train's voice.

[Chorus x2]