Testing Song (I'm Back) Songtext


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Testing Song (I'm Back) Songtext
(Chorus x2)
I've fall down
I can't up
I need help
Take my hand

(1st Verse)
I never been so weak, in this life, and never give a fuck to world,
my this pride. My dream was become a hero,
That's why I love write and why I have no life, when you will come Miss. Prime?
This time, I walking so lonely in the nights and I can't see you
because everywhere are really so dark. This is my new style. Till I die,
I won't give a fuck and Marriage is a car but I won't drive.
I want you all to know this I'm brave. Maybe I am fool, ohh damn it!
what is the shame? I will be more famous, media will blame me,
there are freakish people wanna make me fucking slave.
Trrrraaaaahhhhhh at the bitches, ohh baby-face hey. I'm Real chatty
from Istanbul; Fellow-Red mate. You all can hate me but I am so great.
Today world is over but I'm Okay! (Come on)

(Chorus x2)

(2nd Verse)
It is a true explanation.
I want my daughter
I wanna give a life that i never had to my girl
Oh well, I still working for it.
Will be back.. (as soon as possible)
Hey yo,
Ladies, and gentlemen,
Bitches and Pricks,
White and Black girls,
skinny or fat girls..
Everybody give a fuck to me..
I missed ..
1892 and my new name is Efiney!

(Chorus x2)