Why Songtext
higher than climate a street nigga but i visit fly trem
nightlife in tremblant
stand on top of the mountain i hike i keep tremblin
north side sold pine ponderosa
im like chicago with the ammo bulls eye
you crab niggas slow with your shells ya like a hermit
like over 112 degrees im a burn it
found on a sea like the mountak monster
get combat im a send a wombat on ya
a nigga rhode just like the island streets
stick to a silent g no nigga was live as me
my mouth close i would southold
like a household freeze with the cheese like a mouse cold
its not right but why im in the spot light
and you cant go swimming without a high tide
monkey wrench cayman no lumpy skin
gettin hex like car keys guzzlin
everything i do immaculate
i need a $ mill and i dont mean a scratch and sniff
sort of like he fage im a flip em like a page
ill rip em till the nigga aint thick and ya decay
no coke up the ass when im in the boof
youll be elephant trunked but youll die in a room
she get the kola im osama sister
call me king dragon you know i deliver
niggas used to tell me to give it but i bin up
i dont know shit just know how to keep my chin up
in the hood like frugal
stay away from those niggas who aint too cool
kick it with the horse on a blue suit
only way out is glory dare to prove truth
smoke clouded like its powder got the champagne
we all crowded blowin sour niggas cant tame
ill get em walsh like donnie
and i got tints im in a off white mazi
now the blunt joint got swag like im using a vase
shoot to parades with fire like lucifers ways
i got the ballet like a acrobatic class mate
next president thats what all the democratics ask me
we all got a passion brian im the cashman
with the chain goin ber in the lain im raps cham
more stripes than a yankee jersey
im in da villian im sort of like ya man reek early
get heads cleaned i cancer fred's team
call me nevada or vegas im the nigga that they nv
my bitch she a styler trudie
you know i keep that macklowe julie
on the mic im cool urie
being retarted twice the only time i seened u re
my whole team is spiffy
when i say im tryin to get richy rich i aint talkin cristina nicky
stop frontin when bergdorf is when you seen a milly
pop somethin the berg off or till the c lips empty
cop onions i serve raw im like a liam flick scene
im not runnin ill murk ya you don lino fishy
essential part of livings when a nigga feast
when dark meets light ilori
big boutique livin in le jardin
you couldnt lift a leaf if dig in a green garden
tryin to let my greenspan alan dough
im in some artful dodger like the animal
im in a new house like im samuel irving
bout to pull up on your block in a tan excursion
im hot for infiniti g37x
he in the x gettin more green than a tennis net
nerdy prank brain he been intellegent
starbury sneakers i need all my benefits
misdemeanor charges they treated em reckless