Unknown Songtext
I´ve always been told don´t judge a book by its cover
But when I saw you I saw my happily ever after
I watched my whole life flash right before my eyes
You had me totally hypnotized
And of all those pretty girls falling for you
I´ll be the one who´s always there to pull you through
And with all of these emotions I know I don´t have to look for my romeo anymore

Cause it´s not my fault that you took my breath away
I can´t help it if you´re the one who swept me off my feet
It´s time for you to know what I fell when I see you
I can´t change that I feel this way
Mmm, I can´t change myself

Now Charles I haven´t told you everything about why I feel the way I do
They´re all the same is what I thought but I´ve never known someome as different as you
The things you say, how you act, the way you make me feel
It´s amazing, adorable, every little thing
Hey Charles love is hard to see, but you should know how great you and I would be


I´m becoming closer, you´re taking over me so why can´t you be mine?
You´re all I want now, just to be with you would mean everything to me baby
You know I will wait forever if that´s what it takes for me to have you
And yeah those other guys are pretty cool I guess
But none of them compare to you

Chorus 2x

Can´t change myself
I can´t change myself