We're All Gonna Die Songtext

The Doubleclicks

von The Book Was Better

We're All Gonna Die Songtext
I've never been good at roller skating, so I had decided not to go
Lately I don't care what I am bad at, I challenge what I thought I know
Turns out I'm still bad at roller skating but I've got no regrets
I learned something, I left my house
Consequences haven't stopped me yet

There's no right answer, stop taking advice
Do whatever you want to, we're all gonna die
There are solvable problems, everything's got a price
Dance like nobody's watching, we're all gonna die

I can't climb and I can't ride, but maybe I could if I tried
I can't fix the broken systems, but it's still worth it to resist them
Life comes at you lightning fast, any day could be your last
But there's no good in fear or worry
If it doesn't make you act
I don't know what matters
And I don't know why
I'm just making choices
We're all gonna die

C'est la vie, carpe diem
Your mileage may vary
We're all gonna die

I've erased all the rules in my internal hard disk
I think my new medication may throw off my sense of risk
Actions can change you to outgoing from shy
Nothing is permanent, we're all gonna die
Can't is a tough word, it is sometimes a lie
Do things if you want to, 'cause we're all gonna die
But it's worth it to try
I don't want you to die