Nobody Gets It Songtext
I finished my work on Halloween night
And I pulled on my costume looking quite a sight
It was current and detailed, a joke and a pun
And I went to the party to have lots of fun
I entered the house to see a ghost and a Batman
A witch, a banana, and a football fan
I got everyone's costume and was immediately sure
The outfit I made was way too obscure

(Nobody gets it) I'm a mystery
(Nobody gets it) Please don't talk to me
(Nobody gets it) I don't want to admit
(Nobody gets it) That nobody gets it

It was a scary place but it outdid itself
'Cause people at the party kept trying to help
They were being polite about how I was dressed
They didn't understand, they kept trying to guess
I told a nice person it was a play on words
And the guessing got frenzied and so much worse
It was such a mistake to tip my hand
Like telling strangers you sing in a comedy band

(Nobody gets it) I am full of shame
(Nobody gets it) I don't even want to explain
(Nobody gets it) I'll find a dark corner to sit
(Nobody gets it) Because nobody gets it

It's pretty funny if you're in the know
It's not worth explaining if you haven't seen the show
I should've gone the easy route and been a sexy nurse
Instead of Steven Sonnheim Universe
O, captain, my Captain Marvel
A God particle man
Sailor Moon Unit Zappa
Or Mad Maxwell's Silver Hammer
You- do you get it?

(Nobody gets it) Such a specific aesthetic
(Nobody gets it) But I just look pathetic
(Nobody gets it) I guess I failed to commit
(Nobody gets it) Because nobody gets it