Uncivil Union Songtext
Different people, different laws
I think we tried that once
Do you remember Jim Crow?
Wasn't all that long ago
Different names for different folks
Punishment for different strokes
We're one way so we get this
You're like that so you get shit
We owe you nothing so be thankful for it
Deserve rights just like the rest
So why settle for less?
Separation, never fair
No matter how they compare
Sanctity don't mean a thing
It's just a fucking ring
It's the privileges that count
Would you say with your own mouth
We stay in and everyone else will stay out

It doesn't seem legal, this treatment of people
The ?liberal? side is saying separate but equal
But you know there's certain rights
That still won't be applied
But we're only 3 to 5 percent of voters
So why try?