Robby Sager Is Dead! Songtext

Atomic Potato

von Who Killed Robby Sager?!

Robby Sager Is Dead! Songtext
Cleveland is cold in December you'll find
Took a case of beer to the room and we drank to unwind
Could not get drunk could not sleep things went south
This is ain't no murder brother... I should've shut my mouth
Stupid shit I said, on Christmas some tears were shed
And I think I'll be better off dead
Took I-75 south just past Knoxville Tennessee,
The bitter Georgia air got the better of me.
By the time we hit Florida still thought she was the one
Then reality hit hard and I said fuck it I'm done.

Stuck to our guns
So things aren't ever gonna change
(Here comes depression)
Locked outside the house
And then the clouds start pouring rain
(Can you hear me?)

All of them in line for you
Just two weeks I'm 86'd out of your mind
No claustrophobia in this coffin
The bells are ringing and I can't hear a thing

When you're dead
You can't have your dreams crushed
Your heart repeatedly torn
And stepped on til its mush
And your brain
Won't be filled with false hope
Just maggots and decay
You won't even use soap
Twenty two
Years after my birth
I found a way
To get away from planet earth
And they were shocked they
Grabbed the paper and read
The headline today
That Robby Sager is Dead!!!

So tell me what was I to you?
Just 2 weeks was 86'd out of your mind
No claustrophobia in this coffin
The bells are ringing and I'm not hearing anything

This winter has been harsh walk to work all alone
Fifth of whiskey in my jacket 14 unread texts on my phone
When I get there I'll be buzzed and maybe a few minutes late
I hope tonight its not the boss that I hate
Then I'll be off go back and play XBox
And maybe I don't really wanna die
Yeah I don't really want to die