The Son Says Songtext
i see these people
they seem so content with their own lives
a young boy walks by and says
"dad i think i'm in love"
dad says "son your to young
you don't really understand"
boys says "dad i think i do
im becoming a man like you"

"son i'm falling out of love
with your mother
i've been faking all these years
for you
son dont cry im on your side
and i wont let your mother go away
you shall stay"
and the son says
"dad i know what your going though
to tell you the truth
i havent really loved mom in awhile
all these years
all these tears
they were cried for you alone
i'm just glad i can make you as proud as i have"
the son looks up at his father
tears running down his cheeks he says
"dad will we always be together
why why did this ever have to end for us
why would we ever have to part"
dad says "son we'll grow apart one day
you'll go your way and maybe
maybe i'll go mine
we'll see each other one day soon
maybe around christmas time
i'll see my grandchildren grow up
right before my eyes"
the son says "dad it sounds like a date
i'll bring the presents
i'll be at your house a little before 8
christmas 2010
i'll see you again
that is if we are both still alive"