Take A Picture Of Me Now Songtext

The Aries Project

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Take A Picture Of Me Now Songtext
every time i think i've gotten alittle closer
to what i wanted
it fucking changes
come on out to my side of the story
its not as crowded as you like
and i don't care
i sit alone in my room late at night
i write these songs i never liked
just for
my fingers hurt
i've drank to much tonight
these songs will sound better
once i'ver cleared my head for good
and no one will ever lie to us
except for the innocent
we've got our story straight now
we are the victims
everyone knows we are different
we dont care for you
baby you don't care for us tonight
lie your face down everything's alright
i promise you
everyone has a story i guess i forgot mine
if your here for my self destruction
baby your on time
take a picture of me now
a suicidal pose thats just turned upside down
no one has the guts to say
i've been through this too my friend
we all know it bites just pretend
don't take your life tonight
in the morning it will be alright