The Only One Songtext


von Bristle Rug

The Only One Songtext
No rules, no games, no tears
No lies, no truth, no fears
I just wanna be me
Nothing else, just me
I know all that you wanna be
And you wanna waiting
That you are playing

Just the beginning of the end
That enjoyed the pain of the world
And be... The only one!

No countries, no health, no breath
No sunshine, no rain, no wind
The time cant get no longer
Weather is going cold, so cold
I know what you are dreaming
I know what you are thinking

From the sand of the desert
From the dust of the earth
They comin' back, all together as one
Do you see the spirit of crazy horse, son...
Do you see the spirit of sitting bull, son...
It's time to win our freedom, for all of us
Right now, here on the black hills
Do you feel the heart of rebellion
Do you feel it? do you feel it?

They're comin' to the war!!!

No political words, no order to the people
It's time for rebellion of the soul
Time to recognize all our freedom...
We need to know the real answer
Sure, we'll going to fight 'till the end.