Pussy Hunter Songtext


von Bristle Rug

Pussy Hunter Songtext
I'm on my way to despair
Lookin' for you only
I'm on the way to leave her
Tryin' to understand
You don't know nobody else
Tryin' to leave you from hell

I'm still runnin' on this road
I don't understand!
I don't understand ooh yeah!

Now i'm the guy in disguise
Lookin' for the right way
I don't wanna see you darlin'
Tryin' to lookin' to the air
Now i've got to choose the right road
And i'm havin' a new name

I don't care what you feelin'
I'm just savin' myself
Savin' myself

I wanna eat pussycat
I'm just like anybody else
I wanna est pussycat
Except you know myself at night
I wanna eat pussycat
I know you see my real nature
I wanna eat pussycat
I just want to have some fun!
I'm just lookin' for your pussy
Smellin' around my brain
I don't care what you're feelin' babe
Cause i'm a real pussy eater
Lookin' for bodies everywhere
All along, deep in the night
I'm just lookin' for you honey
Until i get satisfied