The Awakening Songtext


von The Offering

The Awakening Songtext
I’m sinking further
I need your hand
Help me save my soul
Provide me answer, plot my revenge

Hold on, watch them chose the path for me
Heal me, the shadows save my soul

Run from your sins I’ll be waiting
I’m going to rise, I’m going to comeback
You will see
The curse of evil surrounds you
The darkness
Will take you away

They rive me of my innocence
They rip me from this world
I’m breaking through, I’ll rise again
I’m awaking

I feel touch of the an angel
And the world is turning grey
The song of sadness
I’m silеnt no more

I’ll sleep, you wait for the river
To wash your sins away
Our momеnts come
Behind the cloud of reason
Under the sun
Promise to hold on