The Ghosts Of Innocence Songtext


von The Offering

The Ghosts Of Innocence Songtext
Down by the fires we will go
And we’re wondering
Can we carry on

A voice calls from the river down below
And it’s crying out
It’s crying for me

A shadow made of what we used to be
Fading memories
Or better times

Stars burn like beacons in the night
And I feel you there
I feel you waiting

Oh will you guide me
Or leave me in despair
Without you everything
Will be undone

Oh will you wake us
We’re lost and waiting
Oh will you awaken our souls

Down by the fire
Wе thought that we’d feel the change
Our wounds havе cut too deep
Now we’re along here and left
To find our own way on
The pathway home

We’ll suffer through the winters
And the snow
And we’ll make our way
We’ll make it home

We’ll cut through the forests and beyond
And we’ll find the path
Or make our own

Black nights with demons in the dark
And they are watching us
They wait for us to sleep
Or is it all in my head

Oh will you guide me
My angel of despair
Make me bleed again

Remember the days
In desperate time
We never let the fear control our lives
The ghost of the innocent
Will sing no more
They’re lost forever oh

Loss without reason
A calamity
We’ll not go through this time
They though they’d awaken the second son

Oo you’re weakened
A shadow in the dark won’t save you
Oo you’re bleeding
You’ll never find the path you hope for

With every new day
We’re closer
Don’t lead me astray

You’ll never find the way
Not ever
Your search is all in vain

Get out of my head
I am part of you
I know this can’t be real
Are you so sure?
Did we really free ourselves
Or is it all just an

Oh I want you wake us
See the sorrow in our eyes
Oh forever we’ll wander
I fear the path is lost to us