Spirit of the Age Songtext
You?ve got to be young and black to rap, right?
So I?ve no chance ?cos I?m old, punk rock and white...
You?ve got to be young and black to rap? Wrong!
Anyone can rap - or write a punk rock song
So don?t look at me with scorn or derision
I don?t accept boundaries of cultural division
I?m MC Attila and I?m right in your face
So listen up folks ?cos I ain?t going no place
This rap?s called ?Spirit Of The Age?
All my life I?m gonna be on stage
Millions of ideas buzzing round my head
and I?ll be rapping till the day I?m dead
Aged 48 I won?t be sedate
Rancid rule, Joe Strummer is my soul mate
49 I?ll be doing just fine
Reeling in the Right on my verbal fishing line
Fifty? I?ll be nifty!
So don?t look at me like I?m sad or I?m shifty....
51 I?ll be having some fun
When Brighton score 10 and Crystal Palace score none
52, I?ll be talking to you -
And I?ll make more sense than Blink 182....
53? Top of the tree!
Red rebel rhymes and rapping rebel poetry
54, like I said before -
Show me a fascist, I?ll show him the floor
55 - cutting it live
While boring arty poets take a nose dive
56 - high in the mix
This old punk rocker will have learned some new tricks
57, still first eleven
Drinking real ale like it?s manna from heaven
58, I?ll be fuelling debate
Giving it straight from the 51st State
Aged 59 laying down the line
Pulling out words and watching them intertwine

60? Still defying convention!
I won?t be drawing my punk rock pension.....
As long as I?m alive I?ll be live on stage:
Age of the spirit - spirit of the age!