My Poetic Licence Songtext
(An affirmation)

Yo! I'm the MC of ranting rebel poetry
I know my history and my identity
I'm independent, a red cottage industry
DIY from here to eternity
Now let me tell you what's been going on -
I take my inspiration from centuries long gone
Oral tradition of sedition, that's my position
No court jester with a tame disposition...
Poetic licence? Twenty-five years I've had one
and they don't come easy, they're not given out for fun.
You have to earn it, work and sweat and move
not get stuck in a dead poet bore groove...
I earned mine in dirty scummy punk clubs
Rock gigs, arts centres, festivals and dodgy pubs
And yes, once or twice I've had to fight -
but when a fascist hits a poet, the poet's doing something right!
So listen up, this MC's here to stay
Wild all those years ago and still fired up today.
I love words and I've got this message for you:
Poetry's not boring - though some poets bore you
And I have to say that some poets bore me.
They're about as fun as a week on the lavatory!
Dull and pretentious, playing the Art Game -
real problem is they give the rest of us a bad name.
But I'm in the forward line, down there in the scrum.
Tedious whining poets - up your bum!
Now some of the critics think my stuff's no good
but I earn my living at it - those jerks never could
Yes, as you see, I'm a little bit bolshy too
But that's just one of the ways I want to get through
Sometimes it's cerebral, quiet, esoteric wit -
sometimes it's loud and hard and rude as shit!
I love words and I love â??em in the red and raw
I like to use them in ways they've not been used before
Want you to laugh and want you to think as well
Bollocks to TV - this is live, as live as hell!
Oral tradition - the real origins of poetry.
Attila the Stockbroker - ranting rebel MC.
Dean of the Social Surrealist University.
Welcome to my wild poetic journey!

Attila the Stockbroker