Span Songtext
Weekends were deadly every time
On over to the gaping firth
Filled up the spaces in my mouth
We heard the band and then the drive
Snow on the tar but we survived
I tried to hide my disappointment

My heart is cast in bronze
My skull is cracked
Now that I'm healed, my strength returned
Now every day my stomach churns
What I deserve I haven't earned
My place on plinth or in museum
Or a stone bed in mausoleum
Hand over yesterday's per diems

Our hearts are cut in stone
Our lives are lived alone
My heart is cast in bronze
My skull is cracked

See how it turns
How we will survive
All is waltz
All our faults
Show we are alive
We vibrate all at once
Or at our own rate
How we last is how we love
Our time is so fast
See it turn

Tell, tell me rocks won't break
On my brow
Lines drawn on my face
In our dreams plains curve
Bridges span all our thoughts
Favourite pen on palm
Tell me

Only dreams
Only dreams
Only dreams