A Perfect Landing Songtext

martin john henry

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A Perfect Landing Songtext
Underpass you are my cradle
Catching me when I fall down
Carry me, I'm no longer able
Hit the floor like a rocket

Now I'm on the pavement
Lucifer is talking
Oriental voices
Call me, call my name
Empty eyes you are the best
Glare at me, give me the rest
I don't deserve what I've puked up
Now I wait for us to make up

Only darkness ruins
My secret undoing
Tweak my understanding
Of the perfect landing

Oh Lucifer
I know the feeling
You've been ignored
Well, prepare for more

Do you expect me to sing when I'm the one in the ring
When I've got kids to protect
And they keep falling out
Do you expect me to cheer when I'm the one with the peers
Who spend it all in the bars and fall apart

Now we're on the pavement
There's no devil talking
We just like to sit there
With our hands white with chalking
Draw my face on that square of black tarmac
Draw our hands together
Draw their faces there.