Smoke And Mirrors Songtext


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Smoke And Mirrors Songtext
You're giving up
You've had enough
At least that's what you keep telling yourself
And I hear you crying
And I know you're trying
But I can't let you keep lying to yourself
You're just confused
And hun, I am too
I just called to let you know I got your back
'Cause I love you
And I miss you too
And I'd love it if you'd only take me back
But you keep telling yourself
You won't
You're just lying to yourself
Please don't
So as I'm lost between your smoke and mirrors
I can see you hiding by your fears
But there's one thing you can't hide my dear
There was nothing wrong
But you'll still pretend that nothing's right
I still see you hiding by your fright
And I won't forget, even though you might
Never hear this song
Calm down
Come down
I can tell your head's far from your heart
Calm down
Come down
You're letting your emotions hit the two of us too hard
Calm down
Come down
And if you say that maybe we just need some time apart
Calm down
Come down
Maybe then you'll realize how happy you are
With me.