Anything But Airplanes Songtext


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Anything But Airplanes Songtext
They're not called terminals for nothing
Maybe that's why I feel sick
It could be from insomnia
But I'm not tired, that's not it
There's just something sad in learning how to fly

It's just the pilot's have a smugness
Not knowing if they're sending
Someone home from an adventure
Is just sponsoring an ending
And going is just leaving somebody behind

I've been watching too many movies
And I haven't figured out
There's no one waiting out in Newark
To come bursting through the clouds
To sweep me off my feet

Maybe I'm too young to understand it
I hope I get it when I'm older
I thought I discovered romance
But then I looked over my shoulder
There was no one running after me

No funny coloured hair
Just the taste and smell of tired air
And the willingness to look forward and say
I've got no reason to stay, anyway