Shrinking Coasts Songtext


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Shrinking Coasts Songtext
I broke one stick from the tree,
Threw it to the sea.
Ave Maria.
Somehow I convinced myself that it was you who didn't want me.

And on seeing my stick float,
I built a little boat.
Oh, the shrinking coasts.
I set sail with no intention other than to be alone.
And I came upon a land of ice and snow
Where I thought I would let go of you.
But, oh, you know,
I may not be an idiot but with some things I'm so slow.

And in the whisper of the moss, I heard a song of loss,
And so I went to find another sea or ocean I could cross.

And I came upon a great city
That was built up to the shore.
Oh, Lord.
I navigated under all the bridges of New York,
Where I ran into your sister, of course,
And I couldnt' keep it in,
"How's she been?"

Sail on. Sail on, sailor.
Sail on. Sail on, sailor.
Sail on. Sail on, sailor.
Sail on, sailor.