Everywhere You Had Been Songtext


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Everywhere You Had Been Songtext
We walked out on the frozen lake and followed the lines of the cracks in the ice to a place that we knew wouldn't break
And we lied down with your legs wrapped in mine
Like two evergreens with branches intertwined; red spruce, white pine.

I got so cold I walked back to the shore, but you stayed on the lake to explore
And I guess the ice was thin cause it caved in
If you hadn't started now, then you'd never begin
And where you had gone was everywhere you had been
And a sudden sorrow enveloped the wind
Whale's tooth, snail's skin.

I came back when a year had passed
I walked carefully to where my memory remembered seeing you last
And I lied down, my legs quite cold and tight in the solitary light
That only exists in the winter at night
And I heard a voice coming up from the white, so I put my ear to the ice...

I've come to tell you what I know I've seen inside a frozen ghost
And there's a place in every soul all made of songs of long ago