Shia Labeouf Songtext


von Dissentient

Shia Labeouf Songtext
Why do you squirm?
Why do you squeal?
How do you think all the lives that you burdened feel?
Let’s see what it looks like first hand
When I'm peeling back your skin just because I fucking can
Do you feel the sting?
Just like all the rest
That you put in this placement that you too detest
I'm sorry; I'm not good at this
I think its time to bury you with all the rest

Twisted in torment and sick from abuse
I envision your death as you hang from the noose
Bleeding and choking and screaming for air
No one will answer your screams of despair

You pray for forgiveness yet this is the end
You’ve dug your own grave six feet deep you’re sent


Breathe it down
You’re sickness, like a fucking plague
You’ve never looked so weak
Begging, pleading on your knees
“Kill me”
But there’s so much more blood to bleed
Trust me, it gets fucking worse

I am here to be
The darkest motherfucker in history
I am here to be
The darkest motherfucker in history

In darkness I am found
In death I am bound
A home for my madness
A shrine to decay
And a shallow grave for the bodies to lay
Only death can cure this starvation

“Can you forgive me?”

You make me want to break your fucking bones
To hear the snap and the crack I feel so at home
No remorse for the wicked, I won’t forgive
You’re such a 
piece of shit

I'll beat ya till your nothing but a leaking blood bag
Full of broken bones, yeah you know that's a fuckin’ drag
And now you're gunna get it just like you said to them
I won't let you go cuz it's initiated