E.L.E. Songtext
Unequivocal to everything that we can be
While slowly going under in an evolutionary plunder
And told are the tales of the incarnations
Illusive arbiters from the void beyond

The answers we seek are written on the walls
Hieroglyphics cover the most ancient of halls
They came to earth to bring our birth
They molded our minds to excel our creation
The gods have come and gone
But have you ever wondered if they left us to burn?

We have a view of heaven from a seat in hell
We have spent an eternity trying to get back from where we fell
The guidance of heaven has been present in our past
Our zenith lays close but just out of grasp
Accepting of a life far beyond our own is a step forward to shatter the throne

Building their structures intentionally grim
A luster in the lights
The cultivation will commence with flood arisen again
For total destruction

Oh how I wish to feel weightless amongst the depths of space
To ascend to the heavens, not to fall 
from our grace
Shrouded in this world of disgrace

Impossible structures built in their names
They are the ancients of ancients and we bask in their fame
They are creators of life we only bring them shame

They embrace the finite figure locked inside the flesh
But they'll never know the truth of a sickness that’s in need of divine cleansing

And I for one am thirsty for awakening
But the river ran dry and I'm aching waiting for the rains to pour
Again and again so the flood can drown
All the hate and the hurt, until the sun goes down

The abominations filled with desolation
Stepping on faces of
The frail and broken masses as if we can
Redefine who we are
There’s no hope
Humanity is losing hold

All I see scrounging in the dirt, the cold and lonely hearts
Will cease from breathing from the decimating will of god

Descending on our salvation, god now walks the earth
These are not the revelations, greater consciousness has birthed
I know you don’t want to, but you have to watch as our world burns
The manifestation of creation, collapsing under force