Remember Songtext


von Rise

Remember Songtext
[Verse 1]
I'm sendin this one out to my man Sean Barnes
wanted to tell you what's been going on
since you've been gone
every week the crew has dinner with your moms
and me
you know I'm chillin'
I'm still writin' songs
the country's at war
droppin' bombs
everyone's up in arms
but they're sayin remain calm
an overweight white dude who grew up on a farm in a barn
he's the latest rap phenomenon
my eyes well up every time we take a trip to West Palm
and every time a Tupac song is on
and I still ask why...
I remember the times like yesterday
It plays in my mind over and over again
I remember the day you went away
It plays in my mind over and over again
[Verse 2]
Thank you
for blessin us with your love
and lookin out for us from above
how about one last stop for late night grub
one more drink at the club
one more dap
better yet one more hug
one more nug to smoke
wash it down with a Captain & Coke
one more freestyle flow 'cause you were just startin' to get dope
everyone's havin a hard time
but we got each other so we're gonna be just fine
but I still ask why...
[Bridge to solo]
Pricked by the yellow rose in your garden
I can breathe the memories
but the air is so thin...