One Final Breath Songtext


von Rise

One Final Breath Songtext
[Verse 1 (rap)]
I just wanted to say thank you
for teaching me the things
I couldn't have learned without you
and I know that you're watching over me
so tell me
did I turn out to be everything that you hoped I'd be
I just wish I had a second chance to say
that I love you
'cause I didn't
before you passed away
I hope you know how many lives you touched
your memory lives in all of us
I miss you so much
One final breath
between you and I one final test
when I looked into your eyes
this is what you left
all I am inside
with one final breath
you gave me life
[Verse 2 (rap)]
Just the other night
you visited me in a dream
you looked as healthy as ever
the best I've ever seen
you stood there in the light
surrounded by a sea of green
it was a beautiful place
where only love could breathe
then you took me by the hand
and told me silently that objects in the mirror may be closer than they seem
and I thanked you with a smile
for reminding me
you didn't have to speak
'cause I heard every word
your message was clear and you can be rest assured
that I'll teach all the rest the best of all that I've learned
your death gave life to me
and I've turned into the best person that I can be
court's adjourned
[Bridge (sing)]
Now I live my life for you
[Verse 3 (rap)]
To the greatest teacher I've ever known
from beyond you showed me that I'll never be alone
and I've grown beyond my years
these tears are here to show you that I've conquered the fear
let us not grieve over your death
but celebrate your life
and let you rest
a life with no regrets
just love and happiness
you taught us this and now bliss manifests