Omniscient Lover Songtext

The Bosshoss

von Stallion Battalion

Omniscient Lover Songtext
I've been around the world searching for truth
I've seen it all and know I know what to do
I've wasted much of my time- I don't care
Cause now I've found what I've been looking for everywhere
And if the sky comes tumbling down

I've been up and I've been down
I've climbed the highest mountain
Saw infernal grounds
I could't stay, had to follow my way
A lot of motherfuckers wanted my search to fail
And if the sky comes tumbling down
I'm gonna put my feet back on the ground

And now I can see- can se ethe reason
I sure was blind now-now I can see through
Come on and get around- I wanna shout it out
Come a little closer so I can breathe you... I was lost now I'm found
I was free falling Baby, facing the ground
Now I'm an omniscient lover
Yeah I can see though, well

No matter where I've been
Now matter what I'll find
It was second best
Will be none of my kind
Now I can see yes I've found the light
I've found my treasure and now it's gonna be allright