Jumpin' Around Songtext

The Bosshoss

von Stallion Battalion

Jumpin' Around Songtext
Come on every body yeah I'm talking to you
Get around grab the first on in your reach
Gonna sing you a song with a rocking'grove
Gonna open up another dimension
Listen to me, need double attention
Gimme more I like chemical reactions
Want some more more gimme your passion
I nedd much more inteaction

Jumpin'around people let it out
Jumpin'around there ain't no boubt
Lump around people don't you wast no time
I'm jumpin'around, jumpin'around

Now folks don't fuch around an move your feet
Baby shake your thing I'm the king of the swing
Shimmy shake you down yeah I'm wearin' the crown
Whoa yeah I'm bigt man in town
Gimme more of that physical action
Baby wants some double penetration
Gimme more of that crazy reaction
Baby baby need more interaction