No Martyr's Cage Songtext


von Human Remains

No Martyr's Cage Songtext
Constrained, find no solace here, my finite quest lies paralysed
Sequestering dreams internally - indemnify my will to die
Closed iron bars adorn my home, a palisade? A palindrome?
The red regalia's savage chafe.....has sealed this bastard's fate

An annuloid penitentiary, in which humanity suffers brutality
An aristocracy of inconsistency, whose hierarchy exalts monotony
But your apology is sheer hypocrisy - a masquerade with no integrity

Forever drowning slowly in a sea of deathly dreams
A caustic embrocation to the mental wounds of fear

Is this fantasy? - or insanity?

Mindless fascination with the cracks which rise and fall
Constant masturbation to the pictures on my wall
An epitaph to frustration, a nightmare, base disorientation
A hopeless quest, I cannot rest,
A shackled man, withheld, oppressed

Pallor taints my haggard face, I strain and struggle to remain
A member of the human race
Smash! Lash! Slap! And crack! - stretched and wrenched upon the rack
Whipping, dripping, stripping slices cruelly from an aching back
Piece by piece, torn apart, but still they cannot break my heart
Or my spirit's deep elation
This butchery, a bloody proof for those who cannot hear the truth
Should not be loosed on any nation