Blasphemy And The Master Songtext


von Human Remains

Blasphemy And The Master Songtext
God cursed my vile obscenity - and cast this wretched pox on me
Thus to annul my blasphemy - must I endure hell's purgatory
This plea I proffer unto thee - O mentor of my destiny
I beg thy blackened soul - to take this wretch within thy clemency
From barren realms of morbid fear - this foul tempestuous cross to bear
O Satan I beseech thee to have mercy on my soul

Even as I speak marasmus eats my flesh as I resign myself
To suffer sinners sentence of eternal scorching flame
Wracked with pain I crawl away to find some stinking hole
To vainly pray for succor to my weary vanquished soul

Satan I bow to the devil - Satan I crawl to the devil

All at once through acrid smoke I peer, terror grips my heart
Mesmerized, I fawn before the evil prince of darkness
Putrid pus seeps from my eyes, the sulphur burns my flesh
Where art thou Lucifer? What must I do to end this living death?

Assuming shape of goatlike man the tempter stands before me
And speaking slowly, summons wretched sinners seeking sanctuary
"Your blasphemy will be undone the day you hail the darkest one"

De profundis clamavi ad te Domine, Domine exaudi vocem meam
Quia apud Dominum misericordia, Gloria Patri et Filio et Spiritui sancto

Uoyk cuf dnayna pmoc ruoyk cufwo nemtak oolt sujtu bsde erbflahg nik cufoy
Revoem dek cufuoy nehtefil ymmor fsrae yneeth gieko o tuoy revir dikkin ecnerwal
Mloclam njip iptreb nos ggyr tgise nra jbek ctred sevy stred sred nely noh tna
For selling my divinity a blackened angel I shall be
And never more must I endure
Hell's wrath - hell's fire - hell's curse - hell sent
Hell's toll - hell bells - hell raise - hell bent
Hell's gates - hell's woe - hell's wrath - hells end

Thus he annulled my blasphemy
And scoured the plague of plagues from me
Innocently I believed that I possessed immunity
Then bitter truth did dawn on me
That I must spend eternity
In hades (not in penance) but in base servility