My Bleeding Heart Songtext

Solar Fake

von Reasons To Kill

My Bleeding Heart Songtext
I escaped from your mind, yet unseen
While the angels have lost every inner fight
I turned away from the fears
And from the shadows arises a vague delight

Hurt and expelled
But my view's getting clear, I'm no longer blind
With your life in my hands
You'll have to find a way to rebuild your trust
Break the pain – what starts will end
Break the pain – who fails will bend
Break the pain – what starts will end
Break the truth just once

You're twisting and turning again
But whatever you try, you're like paralyzed
And it won't stop to bleed

Keep the pain away
Take the hurt off me
Keep the pain away
Get the filth out

It saves you from the light to wear the mask, the world turns faster now
I cannot fill the holes you've torn out of my bleeding heart
And time was on your side, but I could hide behind your fate again
And wait until you step out of the dark, my bleeding heart

Your senses are sharpened
But still you have no faint idea if you stand or lie
And your hands cannot move
And a twinge of despair overwhelms you now

No time to regret
When you still don't know what the hell went so wrong
And it won't ever stop