When I Bite Songtext

Solar Fake

von Reasons To Kill

When I Bite Songtext
And this addiction keeps you moving ahead
The contradiction disappears in your head
You've seen the dead when you were turning around
The ships you've sailed have all been running aground

Don't try to fool me 'cause I know when you lie
Who shall be taken by the glint in your eye
And I no longer want to listen to what
You've said a thousand times before, it will never come true
I'd have set the fire for you
I'd have killed the neighbours kids for you
I'd have tied up my hands to you
Now there's nothing left over for you

I'd have missed the target for you
I'd have rejected the bargains for you
I'd have arranged an escape again, for you
Now there's only compassion left for you

I have stopped to care about the good and the bad
The definition has to be specified again
I've changed my skin and dropped the feeling instead
Why should I finish what I never began?

Don't try to control me, 'cause I am the light
That leads myself out of the blackness inside
And I cannot pretend that this is real anymore
'Cause I am just the vision you have killed before
In all this time you have suppressed my delight
There's never been a chance for winning this fight
I'm still uncertain if I'm doing it all right
Will I be deadly when I bite?