Muscled Guys, Sexy Sluts Songtext


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Muscled Guys, Sexy Sluts Songtext
I'm like a cameleon who change his ways to be liked
I know what you wanna hear and I can say it all right
That kind who seems to get what they want everytime they try
But when I'm all alone I really wonder who I am
For some people I'm the one who can always make you laugh
For others the one you call to be consoled when you cry
I know some guys at school say I'm a bastard all the time
My problems start when I act and let my ideas behind

That's my own, my life is mine and it's my right
To make it dark or make it bright
That's my own, my head is loaded of I.D.'s
I got to prove it now, now, now

On this planet my goals are to improve myself and try
To learn how to be happy, to find great pleasure in life
To make people around me confident, joyful and proud
Remaining myself all the time, I mean without my mask
I cry when I see those models on channel 29
Mucled guys, sexy sluts, singing stupid lies
They tell us we will find hapiness into their money
I'm bright enough to say: FUCK to this american dream

O God where's your love message in the story
When they print your name on their currency
I know, we are a lot who understood that so we'll fight