1984 Songtext
Okay. Today I delivered some Colslaw, and I was fucking bored
One luck Chris was there to make me laugh with his stupid jokes
Then I had a dinner with my brother, it was cheap, but was good
And during all this time my body was there but not my mind.
I was always thinking, thinking, thinkin' about ya.
I know that you got a guy, girl, but fuck, he's an actor
But you crack me up and I can't control,
So I wrote a song and it goes like this.
(I) was home, 11:00 pm
At the clock at this moment
(I) took the phone, I made a man
A man of myself
You answered, you seemed happy
(Then) we went to buy some candies
In the field we had a ride
God, it was a crazy night
Was a crazy night

It was so good, it was real
What everyone's looking for
You laughed at my old rusted Camaro 1984
Now we don't know and we don't wanna know what's gonna be next
Things always happen for the best
Let's just be confident

2 days after this story
Unable to fall asleep
I thought it was about time
To clear up our minds
No, I don't love you at all
That's what your speach was about
Allright, but you can't deny
That we had a crazy night,
Have a crazy night