Mummy Jets Songtext
Just look at you now
Another mausoleum in the sun
You're number one
On the charts in my heart

Do you remember incense
milk in the dust
they can have everything
except for the heart
Shame on you
I see what you do
Not like you see with the eyes
Monocle mystery zoo
See what the damaged say

Look at Mummy there
Bare it all
Lay all the problems on the sun
That you, yourself complain
Release the golden wave

Just take a dip in the pond (ahh)
Shake out the shake in your arm[?] (ahh)
You'll get whatever you want (uh-huh)
You are the belle of the ball (ahh)
And you're the prince of the throne (ahh)
There ain't no problem at all (ahh)
There ain't no problem at all (ah-ahh)
Locked in static
All tonetic
You'll just have to turn it on
Stuck it's crevice
on tonetic
It was meant for everyone

Climb the mountain
Wave your hands
Eyes up to the sun

Get the feeling everywhere
In formation
Time to reconnect your brain
Into the golden wave

So you can drink us a husk (ahh)
beneath the sugar, the plums (ahh)
come take a dip in the pond (come on)
you'll do whatever you want (ahh)
make up whatever you want
beneath the beautiful palms
you are whatever you want