Critters Songtext
Just a little pain
Brush it off

You know,
"Shimmy-shimmy, shake-shake"
That's the way

Lay all bed with these critters in my head
Tell me dirty lies that I can't deny
Pain, what is that?
Just a nibble on my neck, critter mindset
Let's walk on from the forest to your home
Tell me dirty lies, what a nice surprise!

Making up, new moves (for you)
Like on the on the washer machine like all the lovers do
"You're so cool!"
Shallow, blue
But the birds won't stop singing nothing
So I'll tell you lies
Only lies
Critters singing lullabies

Tiny little red eyes in my skull
Blast it off and let them go
Kill the beating on the drum
Watch out here they come!
Critters on the run setting out for some fun
Fading out until they (???)

What a surprise I don't hear any lies